Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hidden Faces Illusion

How many faces can you find?
Here are some optical illusions with hidden faces I really like...

There are 9 people on this picture. If you find 6, you have ordinary powers of observation. Find 7, you have above average powers of observation. Find 8, you are very observant. Congratulate yourself! Find 9, you are extremely observant, very intuitive and creative.

On this illusion you are supposed to find the Women, the Horse, the Lion, the Old Man and the Wolf. And something more...

How many hidden images can you find here?

This one is often known as "13 faces picture" illusion. In fact there are 22 faces found so far.
They say that if you find 10, you have an ordinary power of observation.
Find 15, you have above average power of observation.
Find 20, you are very observant.
Find 21 and more, you are extremely observant.

The most beautiful illusion of all...there is so many creatures on this one, not just human...


Anonymous said...

zanimljivo, samo tako dalje

BaklavaMetal said...

bilo bi bolje kad bi slike bile vece malo :)