Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Trees Ideas

Here are some tips and ideas how to decorate your Christmas tree.
If you really hate Christmas.

So they say that your drinking is useless...
Now you can show them all!

Here is "leftover" tree. Use old newspapers, aluminum foil, felt, or crepe paper.

If you need a really, really last minute Christmas tree to put up, you need a Magic Growing Christmas Tree. Simply insert the tree in the dish, spread out the branches, add the magical, non-toxic water and watch it grow. In about 12 hours, it will have magically transformed into a full 6" tall tree. It even comes with sparkles, a string of balls and a shiny star to place on top. The tree lasts about 3-4 days after being grown.

Make this lollypop tree...

Or if you are handy you can make something like this. You can even make these fake presents!

If you're not that handy use the ladder. It looks almost as real tree!

Or barrels.

Or everything.

You will love these ...If you are really miserable.

Upside-down tree. Your guests will look at nothing else, but the tree (they will watch for something not to fall on their heads...)

Use your children's toys! Kids will love it and they'll be proud of you!Maybe they won't even notice how cheap you are.

Or you can just go and buy proper tree...

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