Sunday, March 30, 2008

Garbage Shadow Art

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who work as a team, are among the most celebrated of their generation of British artists. Like alchemists or magicians, Noble and Webster make something extraordinary out of the most humble materials. They create romantic images of hope out of darkness and debris. Their shadow sculptures are complimented by light sculptures made from the cheap crystal bulbs of fairground signs.

Sunset over Manhatan,
2003, Cigarette packs, tin cans shot by air gun pellets, wooden bench, light projector

Wasted Youth,
2000, trash, McDonalds packaging, replica food, wood and light projector

Black Narcissus,
2006, Black poly-sulphide rubber wood, light projector,

Cheap and Nasty,
trash, expanding foam, MDF, electronic mechanism, light

The Original Sinners,
2000, eplica fruits, wood, moss and berries, plastic ornamental bowls, fishing wire, cooking oil, pump mechanism, metal, MDF and light projector,

Dirty White Trash (with Gulls),
1998, 6 months worth of artists' trash, 2 taxidermy seagulls, light projector,

(Diptych), 2004, Welded metal, 2 light projectors,

Real Life is Rubbish,
2002 | two separate piles of general household rubbish onto which a light is projected, creating a shadow self-portrait of Noble and Webster

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