Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home Sweet Homer

Home Sweet Home of America's favorite subversive cartoon family "The Simpsons" - satirical, animated clan who put the phrases "Doh!" and "Eat my shorts" into the international vocabularies.
In 1997. the producers of the show did the unexpected - for their 10th year on television they built the Simpson's house and in a game, sponsored by Fox, Pepsi-Cola and Kaufman & Broad, gave it away to Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old retired factory worker from Richmond. Who knows what the house look like now?

This is how it looked during the promotion, 10 years ago.

The builder has captured every detail of the TV cartoon family's life, from Marge's corn-print kitchen curtains to Homer's driveway grease spot from his car. The bizarre house captures the best (or worst) of television's longest-running animated prime-time series.

A pink car is parked outside of the Simpsons' home in Henderson, Nev.
Framed by a shiny orange picket fence, the yellow house features the purple family car parked outside. An antenna is perched on the roof, though unlike Home's house, this one is cable-ready.

Out back is a swing set, Homer's orange barbecue grill and Bart's treehouse, with the legend, "Come in. NOT."

Above the blue piano is the sheet music Lisa uses to play her saxophone.

Behind a hall tree where Homer's hard hat hangs is the "mystery door." No one goes in and no one comes out, just like on the show.

Dinning room.

The kitchen.

The kitchen table in Fox's "The Simpsons" has been the center of many a family discussion.

Maggies chair is right at home in the Simpsons' kitchen.

The famous couch in the Simpsons' television room is featured in the opening of every episode.

Logs in the fireplace are painted bright green, as are the leaves and branches of the fig trees in the living room.

Homer and Marge's bedroom is softly lit by the afternoon Nevada sun and lamps.

Homer's electric razor rests near the sink in the Simpsons' bathroom.

In every closet hangs three sets of the same outfit worn by each character. They never change clothes on the show.
This is Homer's clothes.

Lisa's room contains all her possessions including her saxophone on the bed.

Maggie's bedroom contains a crib and the mushroom-decorated curtains.

While seldom used for homework, Bart's room does have a desk.

True to the show, Bart's room in the Simpsons' replica house is as dirty as its television show counterpart.