Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things to Remember

Several companies claim to be the first to have invented the USB Flash Drive.
This is not important for this story.

Since the moment this technology was created , it was clear that it's the fastest, easiest and safest way to transfer data. It became a necessity.
Nowadays there is not only differency in capacity of USB flash drives, but also in appearance of them. They became decorative, funny or even jewelry or status symbol.
The question is which one do you like?

Here are some girlish models:

Phillips Electronics in collaboration with Swarovski made the 'Active Crystal' collection of USB memory. These are really fancy.

This is platinum USB drive hand set with 350 white diamonds. It even comes with a solid platinum chain and you can have it for $38,000.

Here are some less expencive.


There are memory sticks shaped like food...

or drink.


teddy bear...

Disney caracters...

Mimobots are little friendly data fiends! Mimobots lead the creative revolution in personal electronic accessories and functional designer toys - truly a marriage of art and technology!

Star Wars mimobots

There are some inspired by holidays.

Than, there are those made of wood...

Adam & Eve line. The drive cases are made from wood like Mahogany and African Blackwood along with precious metals like gold and stones like diamonds.

Stainless steel...

or gold.

These are probably the weirdest USB drives ever. The size of the device changes depending on the amount of data it holds. So when it’s about to blow up you can be pretty sure it’s full. When swithched off the flashbag remains pumped up, so you can estimate how much more data it can store without plugin it into your computer.

And something for boys.



Swiss Army knives

Surf Boards

and cars

Some funny stuff...


Human thumb




Training shoe


Doggy bones

And for the future...
Memory Infinite is a design concept by Vicky Wei. Instead of having to use multiple USB flash drives when one fills up, this flash drive has a female connector on one end and male on the other. When more storage is needed you simply attach another Memory Infinite flash drive
It is a still in the concept phase, but this is probably the future of USB devices.

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