Saturday, February 2, 2008

Funny and Stupid Airplane Accidents

There is nothing funny about accidents, but here are some funny pictures and stupid airplane accidents...

Do you have to stick your nose into everything?

"Just wanted to get some petrol..."

Like a bird on the wire

A strange vehicle in the engine

Swimming lessons

Just playing hide and seek. I'm hidden in a forest!

Broken wings

Look back!

Too much cargo...

"And than, suddenly, there was a wall in front of me..."

"I got monkey on my back"

Winter beauty

"I think I smell something burning..."

To the left, to the right...

This one look serious

It`s perfect day for diving!

I'm so tired...

Fly up to the sky

Run, run, run...

Kiss at the airport

Bad ad

Hey, where do you think you're going?

Flying apart...

Would you like to join me in the water?

1 comment:

Eduardo Passos said...

The B777 from AA is a lie by photoshop and the Korean Cargo's airplane is in a normal situation before takeoff with strong load.