Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome Spring!

Enjoy in this great photos of flowers.

Photograph by Jonathan Blair
White borders rich purple in these picotee pansies in Gilroy, California.

Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri
Beads of dew cling to the florets that spiral inside a sunflower head.

Photograph by James P. Blair
A water lily thrives in the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Photograph by Jonathan Blair
Genetic engineering created this zinnia hybrid flower.

Photograph by Raul Touzon
A favorite of brides, the ethereal calla lily is often called the wedding flower.

Photograph by Raul Touzon
The flower of a claret cup cactus glows amid Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Photograph by Tim Laman
Coleus plants grow across much of South America.

Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri
A flower's spores are accentuated.

Photograph by Amy White & Al Petteway
Bright petals mark the hibiscus, a flowering plant found in much of the world.

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